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Triathlon Anatomy – Dr. Mark Klion

Have you ever dreamed of having x-ray vision? How about a form of x-ray vision that lets you see your muscle movement as you run, bike, and swim? An x-ray view of muscular anatomy is just what our own Ironman Dr. Mark Klion and co-author Troy Jacobson will give you in...

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A Shot of Relief: Knee Injections – What You Need to Know

“Ouch, my knee!” These words are said all-too often by sufferers of early-onset arthritis, especially towards the end of August when all those outdoor runarounds really start to add up. When simple anti-inflammatory medicine, ice, and rest are not enough to calm these...

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No Surgery Required: Arthritis Edition

Not every joint problem needs surgery. Some of the best work we do at Manhattan Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Group falls into the wider category of non-invasive treatment options, a salient point particularly for arthritis sufferers. A little background: Arthritis...

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Myth-Busters: Back Surgery Edition

There are a number of misperceptions surrounding spinal surgery, but the one we hear most often is that it simply doesn’t “work.” Let’s think about that for a moment. What does it mean to say surgery “works?” Are we referring to a full recovery? Are we talking about...

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When a Wrist Sprain is More Than a Simple Sprain

When is a wrist sprain more than a simple sprain? If you followed the Yankees during the pre-season, you may have asked yourself the same thing. When Mark Teixera injured his wrist while swinging a bat, the initial diagnosis was that of a simple sprain. Soon after,...

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It’s a Complex Situation: The Hip

The hip joint is a confusing junction of tendons, muscles, and ligaments interlaced to bear loads and stabilize our movement. From an orthopedic perspective it’s one of the most complex regions in the body, and it’s not uncommon for hip pain to actually be a signal...

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When Should I Have My Knee Replaced?

Why you should have your knee replaced is almost always a straightforward matter: to eliminate pain and to improve your quality of life. However, owing to our active lifestyles and unique backgrounds, the question of when to opt for knee replacement surgery can be a...

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A Home Run for A-Rod’s Hip

Baseball star Alex Rodriguez, known to New York Yankee fans as A-Rod, is in the news again. This time around it s not because of his exploits on or off the field, but because of his experiences in the operating room. Just last month, the sports pages reported that...

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Not Always What it Seems: The Aging Spine

We feel our age in a myriad of ways. Aside from not knowing what the kids are listening to, we get aches and pains and wrinkles and crinkles and, well, you get the idea. The great thing about the time we live in is that although we’ve grown older, medical science has...

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A Pain in the Post-Partem Wrist

We sacrifice many things for our children—sleep and a small slice of sanity are just two examples that come to mind. But for many new mothers, the constant lifting and toting of a young child can lead to a condition much more agonizing and confusing than a few...

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Running the Town: Training for the NYC Marathon

The diaspora and excitement of New York City’s marathon has turned the first Sunday in November into an annual 5-borough tribute to the sport of running. Runners need not be reminded about properly training for a marathon, yet every year we see hundreds of...

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A Mechanic in the Body’s Shop: Prosthesis Care

On a musculoskeletal level, the human body can be deemed an exquisite machine that runs on a special blend of diet and exercise. But as high-performance vehicles go, new parts are sometimes required to keep us running, jumping and soaring. For many Americans, the most...

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Injuries of a Certain Age: Labrum Tears vs. Rotator Cuffs

For those of us with a few gray hairs, it’s about now in the middle of the summer that all those pickup games from May and June are starting to show their wear. An ache in the knee or a pulled bicep; these are pretty normal for an older sportsman on the weekend pitch....

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ACL: A Celebrity Ligament

When it comes to celebrity injuries, few make the headlines as often or as loudly as an ACL tear. SportsCenter does its part by looping the replays to catastrophic effect, yet it’s the ensuing months of surgery and absence that does its part to turn ACL injuries into the storyline of the teams we follow and the players we watch.

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Super Doctors 2012

We were proudly listed in the Super Doctors 2012 Best New York Doctors choices recently featured in The New York Times Magazine. Selection involves a rigorous multi-step process designed to identify physicians who have attained a high degree of peer recognition and...

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It’s Hot Outside, So Warm Up Your Back

For many people, the shift from the cold months of winter to the alluring heat of summer often means getting back to physical activities before they’re fully in shape. So whether you’re an Ironman athlete or a Weekend Warrior with a weed whacker, injuring your back has the potential to sideline your season before it even starts.

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