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Sports Medicine & Arthroscopic Surgery


At Manhattan Orthopedics, our sports medicine doctors are united by a commitment to compassionate care and individualized treatment for athletes with an emphasis on individual care. We specialize in the treatment of sports injuries utilizing the newest techniques of arthroscopic and minimally invasive shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, and ankle surgery. We are the official physicians for the NYC Triathlon and provide expert care to professional and amateur athletes on and off the field. Our team is dedicated to treating our patients, including high-level athletes, weekend warriors, and non-athletes, in order to get them back on track to the quality of life they want and deserve.

We offer a wide range of treatment options, from non-operative care and in-office procedures for minor conditions and fractures to the latest surgical procedures for more complex sports-related injuries and disorders. After an examination with one of our sports medicine specialists, we’ll be able to determine whether nonsurgical treatment options such as physical therapy, joint and bursa injections or platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy will be effective at relieving your symptoms.

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