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Knee Replacement

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If you suffer from severe knee pain that affects your normal routine, it may be time to consider a knee replacement. Board-certified orthopedic surgeon Craig H. Dushey, MD, specializes in knee surgery, including total, partial, and revision knee replacement procedures, at Manhattan Orthopedics, with locations in Midtown Manhattan, Brooklyn and Astoria in New York. For highly skilled knee-replacement surgery with a rapid recovery, call your nearest New York City office or book an appointment online today.

Knee Replacement Q & A

What is a knee replacement?

Knee replacement surgery is a safe and effective treatment for end-stage knee problems. This common treatment involves removing diseased or damaged parts of your knee joint and replacing them with prosthetic components.

The goal of a knee replacement is to restore function and relieve knee pain that doesn’t resolve with nonsurgical treatments like physical therapy. Dr. Dushey is a highly trained surgeon who specializes in various knee-replacement procedures, including:

Total knee replacement

Also called knee arthroplasty, total knee replacement involves completely resurfacing your knee with artificial components. Dr. Dushey removes the damaged cartilage and a small amount of bone and replaces them with implants made of titanium metal and other materials.

Partial (unicompartmental) knee replacement

Our knee is divided into three main compartments: medial (inner side), lateral (outer side), and patellofemoral (between your kneecap and thighbone). 

If your disease or injury only affects one compartment, Dr. Dushey may perform a partial knee replacement instead of a total replacement. 

Partial knee replacements require a smaller incision and shorter recovery time, which means you can return to normal activities faster than with a total knee replacement. 

Revision knee replacement

Even though knee replacements are successful procedures, sometimes they fail for various reasons. 

Revision knee replacement is a complex procedure that involves removing some or all of the original implants and replacing them with new ones. Only highly skilled surgeons like Dr. Dushey perform revision knee surgery. 

Why would I need a knee replacement?

Severe arthritis of the knee is the most common reason people get knee replacements. You may also need a knee replacement if you have a serious knee injury or other painful condition that limits your ability to perform everyday activities, such as walking. 

What should I expect from knee replacement surgery?

Dr. Dushey carefully reviews your medical history and evaluates your condition. He takes as much time as needed to educate you on your specific condition and explain every available treatment option. 

When surgery is necessary, Dr. Dushey always performs the least-invasive procedure possible to ensure a rapid recovery. 

The details of your procedure and recovery time depend on whether you’re getting a partial, total, or revision procedure. Partial knee replacements involve the least amount of recovery time, while a revision replacement takes longer. 

For the highest quality care in knee replacement, call Manhattan Orthopedics or book an appointment online today.

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