Patient Testimonials

I waiting 2 minutes until was I taken into exam room where I saw Dr. Klion. He was very thorough with his examination and listen to all my concerns. Sonogram was done right there by the doctor to confirm diagnosis. I was in and out in 15 minutes. That’s how all doctor visits should be.

Adam K.

Everything was quick and easy. Staff was helpful, doctor was great for first visit.

Aaron D.

Amazing! Very positive and proactive

Maria F.

Really nice staff and clean, modern office

Rachel B.

Exceptional! Dr. DuShey was very attentive. He explained everything and answered all of my questions. He is highly recommended and his staff is excellent as well. A+!

Gerald O.

Absolutely amazing!!! Great doctor, through, patient, friendly, knowledgable and knows his stuff! Staff is great! Welcoming and professional! Highly recommend!

Weronika R.

He and his staff were total pros. The facility is really nice too.

Jeff B.

Could not have been happier with my visit with Dr. DuShey.

Ken R.

The visit to Dr. Cleeman’s office was, without a doubt, the most efficient, friendly, professional visit that I have experienced in years. The office is well appointed, the staff very helpful and friendly, and Dr. Cleeman was the consummate medical professional. Without and hesitation whatsoever, I would recommend him to anyone needing orthopedic services. The visit to his office reaffirmed my belief that there are top-notch medical providers out there, despite the pressures of HMOs and ACA. Well done Dr. Cleeman and staff.

Chris M.

I’ve seen Dr Cleveland twice now. Once for my knee and once for my elbow. I really like how attentive he is and the options he offers you as a patient. All the staff is great all around.

Dechelle D.

It was friendly and efficient

Edward M.

I really liked Dr. Cleeman. He took his time to ask me questions and give me a comprehensive exam. I’ve been having major knee trouble that nobody seems to have been able to figure out, including two other orthopedic surgeons. Dr. Cleeman seemed to understand my issues and gave me a course of action that made sense to me. I recommend!

Stephanie G.

From the time getting off the elevator to leaving the office 35 minutes later, the quality and professionalism unmatched–could not have been any better. From the assistant at reception, the Doctor’s assistant, to the X-ray technician to Dr. Cleeman courteous and very professional in appearance and manner. Dr. Cleeman took the time to explain the problem, various solutions and then recommendations.

Peter H. F

professional staff and are above competent.

Michael G.

Best Dr’s In NYC

Ab C.

Friendly staff
They all treated me with respect and concern.

Chantel P.

Very professional, Helpful,first rate

William U.

Great experience from the moment I walked in. Receptionist and nursing staff are pleasant, Dr. Cleeman took the time to explain his findings and the type of surgical procedure I will have done on my shoulder. I definitely recommend visiting the Manhattan Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center
Josie N.

Efficient, friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommended

Jeffrey Z.

Recently had elbow surgery,Dr.cleeman,Frompre op,surgery atMt.Sinai and post opback in the office ,everything went smoothly ,every one involved in the process was really nice And most important,very thorough.They made what can be a traumatic experience as pleasant as possible.

Hy S.

Great staff and doctor’s. The team takes time to answer all questions you may have. I had the pleasure to work with Dr. DuShey and Dr. Varma

Rasheeda V.

Arrived at 3:15 for 3:15 appointment. Checked in and provided my insurance card and license. Even though there was very little paper work to fill out, one of the staff came over and helped me expedite to keep the process moving. O was in the Exam room at 3:25 where i saw Dr Klion was a triathalon participant and knew in was in good hands. If you’re an athlete and you meet an Ortho like Dr Klion , you know they completely understand you and may ve had the injury themselves.

The Dr showed up 2 minutes after i undressed and examined my calf and after a few short minutes – and examining a previous sonogram image – gave me a diagnosis and a PT prescription.

Dr Klion inspires a lot of confidence in you that he knows what he’s doing.

Jim G.

Incredibly knowledgeable and thorough healthcare. Both Dr.’s Klion and Cleeman are exceptionally talented physicians. Their practice is very well organised and their attention to detail and patient care makes for a very satisfying experience.

Vince R.

My experience(s) with Dr. Craig DuShey and the staff at Manhattan Orthopedic & S.M.G. have always been excellent – professional, caring, attentive, friendly, and personal. The appointment times are kept and the environment is extremely clean and comfortable. There are absolutely no negatives here. I have recommended and referred family and friends to Dr. DuShey and this office and all have had the same experience(s).

John C.

Great customer service, Dr Vikas Varma is one of the best!

Michael A.

I would be a cripple were it not for Dr Dushay . Last year I could not walk cuz of the terrible pain in my knees Other Orthopedists advised knee replacement

Dr Dushay and I don’t even recall who suggested I see him took pictures gave me a series of 3 injections gave me anti inflammation medicine and within 6 weeks I was walking without pain. I swear by him I visited him today ( I’ve been living in Miami since Dec.1 This time I had a tremulous sensation in my lower legs.Miami Orthopedists said I was dehydrated and to take 8 glasses of Gatorade daily and if I didn’t feel BETTER then off to an Internest I’d go . Well I didn’t feel. any relief but knew I’d be going to NY so I waited I visited Dr Dushay today he did some balance tears then took an X-ray and showed on the XRAY why my lower body felt so vulnerable then advised a series of exercises that would strengthen the area around the knees and gave a steroid shot to both knees . He’s thorough

Robin L.

Five years ago I met Dr. Craig Dushay after careful review of the damage to my meniscus he did not rush to make a decision and allowed me the time to prepare myself for a successful surgery I have recently injured my right knee and feel very confident to return back to Manhattan orthopedics When I arrived to the office entire staff made me feel comfortable to be there once again Dr. Doshay is evaluating my condition I am confident I will be given The best treatment possible

Joe S.

Professional and courteous staff. Dr. Klion certainly lives up to his reputation of a compassionate and knowledgeable Orthopedic surgeon.

James V.

This is an incredibly professional medical group with very responsive and kind staff. I unfortunately have needed their services many times over the last 10years which included a shattered wrist, broken fingers, torn Achilles and most recently a significantly broken shoulder. In all of these instances the surgeon with the most expertise in the type of injury was assigned to me without delay. Dr Richard Gilbert for hand and wrist and Dr Edmund Cleemon for my Achilles and shoulder repairs.They always facilitated the diagnostics needed. They were extremely responsive to emergency room staff taking charge in directing my care .They were also always responsive to any of my questions and concerns . When in hospital , the attending visited me daily.And most importantly I have regained total use of the affected body parts without persistent pain , something I was fearful about.
I highly recommend this practice for all of your orthopedic concerns.

Andy G.

As soon as you enter you can feel the care. My Dr. Spent time explaining what I had and the best way to medically or through other means attack the issue…

Nathan L.

The entire staff is super friendly and professional. My experience with MOSMG through two hip replacements couldn’t have been better. Highly recommended!

Howard C.

Having a back problem is not a good thing. But having Dr. Varma at Manhattan Orthopedic is a good thing to have. The office is well run attractive and accommodating. Thanks for your attentive help!

Janet S.

Very professional, busy practice. Attentive doctor answers questions and suggests solutions and treatment with a conservative, measured approach.

Good location in midtown, easy to reach.

Lisa G.

friendly team-work “can-do” attitude of support staff..EXTREMELY prompt appointment ..great care (Dr. Marvin Gilbert), and beautiful offices.
All in all, I couldn’t ask for more.

Amanda S.

I highly recommend this doctor’s office. Dr. Cleeman is a wonderful orthopedic surgeon, excellent bedside manner and shows he really cares about his patients. He makes time explain everything thoroughly. Besides the doctor, you’ll never find an office manager quite as organized and knowledgeable as Toni. She handles just about everything non-medical that needs to be handled. She’s great at her job, and makes you feel like you matter. She does paperwork for your job, refers you to doctors and physical therapists in the area.

Patricia W.

If you want a wonderful caring and attentive skilled orthopedic surgeon you can’t do better than Dr. Craig DuShey, a partner at Manhattan Orthopedic and Sports Medicine practice. He takes plenty of time to answer all your questions and is very gentle when giving injections. And his skill as a surgeon is impeccable

Andrea H.

My experience was great! I was able to get a same day appointment for my injury. I was placed in a boot provided a boot and crutches. Staff was helpful and kind. I seen multiple physicians here for different issues and they all have been great! Highly recommend this office!

Michelle R.

I’ve seen Dr Craig Dushey for treatment of knee pain. He is fantastic – kind, gentle, personable and up to date on options. He makes what could be an uncomfortable experience very manageable. I highly recommend him.

Madelyn H.

My husband went in for a second opinion and was pleasantly surprised. I would HIGHLY recommend this practice. The office staff is professional and welcoming and the doctor is knowledgeable with an amazing demeanor.

Lindsay K.

I was seen by Dr Klion for a leg injury and by Dr Varma for a back condition. Both are extremely knowledgeable, kind and recommended the best treatment. They allowed me to ask many questions and worked with me on an optimal solution and follow ups. I would recommend this clinic to (but not only to) anyone who does sports!

Shai B.

My experience at Mahayana Orthropedics has been rewarding experience. The office manager. Scheduling manager ,nurses and doctor have been fantastic.
Dr. Dushey takes time out to listen his patience as it pertains to their health. He is always will to explain each diagnosis and offer the best possible treatment. I would definitely recommend this doctor , staff and facility to others.

Maureen N

Checking in is handle by an excellent staff. The waiting room is very comfortable. The appointment was kept on time. Dr. Klion is an excellent Doctor. The examination was efficient and thorough. He explained the diagnosis and I will follow his advice.

Bob S.

The entire staff and all doctors are very courteous, respectful and genuinely concerned about your health and well being. I would have no hesitation in recommending Manhattan Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Group to any and all. After years of constant chronic back and knee pain, I can honestly say I am now pain-free. Pain-FREE!

Gary M.

Extremely professional and courteous staff from the support personnel to the doctors. The physical lay-out of the office very comfortable. Did not have to wait. Dr. Edmond Cleeman took the time to explain the prognosis; choices for addressing the problem; and recommending solutions. In today’s world this was exceptional and an example of how our medical system should be run.

Peter F.

My primary physician recommended Dr. Varma to me. Upon meeting him I immediately liked him and felt comfortable in his care. Throughout my visits he was very informative and explained my upcoming surgery in detail, thoroughly answered any questions I had. The surgery performed was complex and I am very happy to say 3 weeks after my surgery I am walking without pain and on the road to recovery. I still have a lot to go but I have a positive outlook and confident about the surgical expertise of Dr. Varma. I highly recommend him to anyone who has or is suffering from back pain; in particular lumbar stenosis.

Marissa V.

Dr. Klion is great. My son is an athlete and has been to him many times for various injuries. Not an alarmist, sensible and know that an athlete needs to get back on the field as quickly as possible.

Roscoe D.

Dr. Gilbert is the best. I’ve had two foot surgeries by him; both 100% successful. His follow-up information and rehab advice and guidance were superb, as was the surgery. His office is extremely friendly and couldn’t be more helpful and courteous. Most of my personal doctors, coincidentally, know him and use him for their families orthopedic needs.

Lizette A.

Craig Dushey is an outstanding doctor. He provided me with excellent care, was generous with his time and really engaged in listening to me and my priorities.

Elliot D.

Dr. Cleeman is outstanding in all areas of health care delivery.

Randi B.

Great office and great doctor. He fixed up my shoulder! I highly recommend Dr Cleeman.

Mats W.

Dr. Gilbert is great at giving Orthovisc injections in arthritic knees! He has a wonderful personality. Going to see him is like visiting an old friend—he is so easy to talk to. He asks you to call him a few weeks after your appointment to let him know how you are doing.

Madeleine W.

I fell just before a hike in Iceland. I could not put much weight on my knee and did not have time to see if it would go out by itself. Dr. Klion, a long distance runner, related to my distress, was able to find a solution. I went on with my hike and put 150 miles on it without any further pain. I am grateful for Dr Klion to first relate to my distress and then find a solution.

Cheyenne T.

He is a great surgeon who happens to also care about his patients, taking time to explain all procedures and address concerns. I had visited several a few other doctors before for my hip problem and found Dr. Dushey “the best”. As a quite picky person I can whole heartily recommend him.

Harley T.

I had bad foot pain and couldn’t walk. Needed to see an orthopedist ASAP. Dr. Cleeman is near my office and he squeezed me in within a few hours. He diagnosed a stress fracture and got me into a walking boot and immediate physical therapy. He’s smart and approachable and clearly explained the diagnosis and the treatment plan.

Cora H.

I’ve been a patient here for many years and I definitely appreciate the pleasant and helpful front desk and the good medical care I’ve received. I have seen Dr. Klion many times and he is always great. As an athlete, I’m always incredibly frustrated when I have an injury, and I always feel like Dr. Klion understands that and sympathizes.

Tora A.

Excellent Staff! Very caring and explain every single step towards your recovery. Also, there’s never waiting to be seen thanks to their effective scheduling.

Della S.

If u need a hip replacement don’t look further. Dr. DuShey is the best. He has operated my husband’s right and left hip at different times. Both with excellent results. He was out of bed and taking steps the afternoon after morning surgery! But it is not his expertise that prompts me to write a review. It is his bedside manner, patience, and attention to detail. He takes the time to explain all steps of the process, never patronizing.

Wish more Drs would take a page from his book.

Andel A.

I have been to see Dr. Marvin Gilbert twice, once for my knee and more recently for some pain in my forearm near my elbow. Both times have been among the best experiences I have ever had at a doctor’s office. The staff is very professional and organized and Dr. Gilbert took his time taking my history, examining me, taking x-rays and explaining them to me, and explaining his recommended course of treatment. He explained that surgery is always only the last resort. I recommended this practice to my colleague who had a similar experience. I cannot recommend this group more!

Marvin H.

I have been using Manhattan Orthopedic for over a year. Dr. Gilbert has done two hand surgeries, and he is awesome. A great surgeon and person. He always explained things so I could understand and he was just so nice & professional.

I also see Dr. DuShey and Varma and again am very pleased.  I rarely wait more than 10-15 minutes for my appointment.  At both the Manhattan and Astoria office, they have a great staff.  I would like to give a special shoutout to Tony at the Astoria office.

Carl N.

I liked that the doctor spent a fair amount of time with me to help diagnose my issues. He provided clear explanations and indicated specifically what he was looking at on the X-Ray. Office was modern and large with knowledgeable & friendly staff. From front desk staff to doctor to radiologist to prescriptions, everything worked like a well oiled machine. Highly recommend.

Alana S.

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