Leg pain isn’t always leg pain. If it’s running down the back of your thighs and calves, then the problem may be located somewhere else entirely. And anyone who’s experienced the slow, dull pain that arises from the sciatic nerve, will know that leg pain might not actually arise from the leg.

Why? Because of the unique role of the sciatic nerve.sciaticNerve

As the nerves exit your spine, they form a bundle as it extends into your legs and continues all the way to your feet. This is called the sciatic nerve. Through this nerve back problems can be transmitted to your lower extremities and often feel like a pulled hamstring. Man holding hamstring

Many people who experience this radiating pain don’t realize that it’s a sciatic problem, so it takes an experienced orthopedist to correctly identify the issue and work with the patient to remedy the problem.

There are a number of solutions to deal with leg pain coming from the sciatic nerve. Proper stretching and exercise is always the foremost prevention. Often a simple injection can clear up most of the pain within a couple weeks.

Additionally, physical therapy can help you find a routine that corrects your posture and alignment to make sure the sciatic nerve isn’t impeded for future activities.

The quickest way to get on the road to recovery is through an accurate diagnosis. At Manhattan Orthopedic our spine specialists and sports medicine practitioners collaborate regularly and through a team-based approach work to get our patients feeling better as quickly as possible.

If you’re experiencing similar issues, then go ahead and make an appointment to see one of our specialists today. Taking care of the problem now will help ensure a quick recovery and get you back into the action just as summer starts to really ramp up!

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