Have you ever dreamed of having x-ray vision? How about a form of x-ray vision that lets you see your muscle movement as you run, bike, and swim?

An x-ray view of muscular anatomy is just what our own Ironman Dr. Mark Klion and co-author Troy Jacobson will give you in their new book, Triathlon Anatomy. Pairing step-by-step instructions for 82 multi-sport exercises with over 175 full-color anatomical illustrations, Triathlon Anatomy gives a detailed picture of how the three sports engage your body’s muscle sets.

Training with Triathlon Anatomy as your companion, you will be guided on how to:

  • reduce muscle tension and avoid common injuries;
  • develop an individualized training program;
  • increase stamina in all three activities.

How often do we consider our shoulder muscles when exercising? For the swimmer, strong shoulders obviously contribute a great deal to each stroke, but for the cyclist and runner, it is not as apparent.

Triathlon Anatomy demonstrates that for the cyclist, the shoulders are the key to climbing performance, and for the runner, toned shoulder muscles equate with strong rhythm and balance. Triathlon Anatomy prescribes upright rowing with dumbbells, cables, or elastic bands to improve muscle strength for each leg of the triathlon.

Whether you are preparing for your first event or are already an Ironman,Triathlon Anatomy will be a welcome addition to your fitness library.

The book is available at Amazon as well as our office.

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