These days there are countless fitness clubs to join, exercise classes to sample, and workout videos to download. But with all these options, which is the best? Let’s consider some popular choices.

The treadmill, elliptical machine and stationary bike are all popular in the gym. treadmillThey deliver a healthy cardio workout making all three are a good choice. The stationary bike, however, allows for low-impact aerobic exercise (as opposed to the high impact activity on the treadmill). Biking, therefore, may be a particularly good choice for those recovering from hip or knee injuries.

yoga stretchWhen it comes to core strength and joint flexibility, Yoga is an excellent option. Limber joints and muscles are key to preventing injury, and yoga is an excellent way to maintain flexibility. It also emphasizes balance and stability, which is an added bonus.

High impact, high intensity exercise programs through classes at the gym or on DVDs or computers are also popular. These programs can be an excellent way to achieve a total body workout and improve conditioning. They may not be for everyone though. Athletes who participate in these programs should be sure to stretch both before and after.Class Sit-ups They should also carefully monitor their participation to avoid muscle strains or other over-use injuries.

Swimming is another excellent choice and now with the warmer weather, offers a healthy cardio workout.052714-swimming It is low impact on the joints and is an excellent option for those recovering from injuries including back and spine pain, hip and knee pain.

Ultimately, there is no perfect single way to exercise. In fact, one of the best ways to work out is to vary your exercises and to participate in a number of different types of activities. Varying your exercises allows you to involve different muscle groups. And it helps prevent over-use injuries.

Plus, it keeps things interesting! So go out and try something new. Your muscles and joints will thank you for it.

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