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The Aging Athlete: Modify, But Never Give Up!

At age 70, most of us find that we have slowed down in our physical activity: no more 4-mile runs 3 to 5 times per week; no more tennis twice a week; nor a round of golf on the weekends. Bit-by-bit, we reduce our exercise program. We cut back on our running distance...

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When Leg Pain Really Isn’t Leg Pain

Leg pain isn’t always leg pain. If it’s running down the back of your thighs and calves, then the problem may be located somewhere else entirely. And anyone who’s experienced the slow, dull pain that arises from the sciatic nerve, will know that leg pain might not...

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Our Doctors Named Top Doctors!

Our very own Dr. Edmond Cleeman, Dr. Richard S. Gilbert, Dr. Marvin Gilbert, and Dr. Mark Klion, have been selected as top doctors in their field of specialty by Super Doctors, and Dr. Craig Dushey and Dr. Vikas Varma have been named Rising Stars, once again proving...

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New–Patient Portal!

Manhattan Orthopedics is happy to announce that now you can make appointments, check lab reports, medical history or messages, and request refills from you doctor all online. This portal will facilitate better communication with us by allowing convenient and secure...

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The Well-Tuned Tendon

Our tendons are the great connectors of our bodies: transferring the forces from bone to muscle and back again, they ensure our movements while bearing the brunt of our exertions. It may come as no surprise then that the sudden shift from indoor to outdoor activities...

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Spring & Sensibility: Staying Injury-Free

Back by popular demand. Just in case you missed our tips for training this spring, we are offering here again. Read how to prepare for your favorite outdoor activities and avoid injuries. We discuss how to start, the right equipment and clothing and strength training...

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Back to the Basics

Call it a change in pressure or the natural aging process, but the winter weather has a way of stiffening our backs and making it ache. Maybe it’s all that snow you shoveled after not shoveling much of anything for nine or ten months. Or what about when you fell down...

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