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COVID-19 Alert: Patient Safety Is Our Priority

At Manhattan Orthopedic we are pleased to offer best-in-class Orthopedic care for our patients, as well as best-in-class safety measures during this COVID-19 pandemic. For many patients we can offer telemedicine appointments to limit their exposure. For those who need in-person care, we have established in-office protocols to maximize their safety:

    • All patients are screened prior to their appointments
    • Masks: physicians, staff, and patients must wear masks at all times
    • Hand sanitizer stations and sneeze guards are positioned throughout the office.
    • Our staff undergoes daily temperature and symptom questionnaire screening upon entering the office
    • Hand hygiene:
      • physicians and staff are using gloves
      • physicians and staff are regularly using hand sanitizers
      • all patients are asked to do the same hand hygiene stations set up throughout the office
    • Temperature screening: patients are screened in-office using an infrared forehead thermometer
    • We practice physical distancing protocols including limiting the number of patients in the waiting room at any one time
    • We use daily sanitation protocols in all rooms and on all surfaces
    • In the event that you need surgery, COVID-19 testing is obtained for you and your surgeon


At Manhattan Orthopedics, you can rest assured that patient safety is our top priority

For further information regarding COVID-19 please see the following links:

NY state: Click here

CDC: Click here

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