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Edmond Cleeman, M.D., is a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon with specialty training in sports medicine and arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder, hip and knee.

Dr. Cleeman is also Board Certified in Sports Medicine. After receiving a Bachelors degree from New York University, he went on to obtain his medical degree from The Mount Sinai School of Medicine. He completed his orthopedic training at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York and continued with a fellowship in sports medicine and arthroscopy at the Virginia Hospital Center.

Dr. Cleeman is an Assistant Clinical Professor at The Mount Sinai School of Medicine, NY and is actively involved in orthopedic research. He is a member of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and the American College of Sports Medicine. He has published scientific research in peer-reviewed journals and has presented at medical conferences on subjects related to the shoulder and sports medicine.

Dr. Cleeman performs the newest techniques for arthroscopic rotator cuff repair, arthroscopic shoulder instability repair and shoulder replacement. He also performs the newest techniques for the treatment of complex knee disorders including cartilage repair surgery, ACL reconstruction, and meniscal repair surgery. These procedures are performed with advanced minimally invasive techniques that enable patients to go home the same day.

Dr. Cleeman is an active cyclist and a member of the New York Cycling Club. He uses his personal knowledge of training to provide treatment to athletes of all levels with exercise and sport related injuries. Dr. Cleeman is a member of the New York City Triathlon medical staff and volunteers his time at these races annually.

Dr. Cleeman is an accomplished painter. His artistic work has been displayed at several art exhibits and he is also active in various communal and charitable organizations and medical clinics.

Dr. Cleeman Press

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Dr. Cleeman Research

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Orthopedics for the Primary Care Provider
- Presentation: Shoulder Pain
- The Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, NY
- November 2007.

Functional Anatomy Course
- Presentation: Upper extremity Injuries
- The Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, NY
- July, 2006, July 2007.

Mount Sinai Teams Up With the Jets
-Edmond Cleeman, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, discussing shoulder problems in athletes.
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Patient Reviews

The visit to Dr. Cleeman’s office was, without a doubt, the most efficient, friendly, professional visit that I have experienced in years.   The office is well appointed, the staff very helpful and friendly, and Dr. Cleeman was the consummate medical professional.  Without hesitation whatsoever, I would recommend him to anyone needing orthopedic services. The visit to his office reaffirmed my belief that there are top-notch medical providers out there, despite the pressures of HMO’s and ACA.  Well done Dr. Cleeman and Staff.

Chris M.

Verified Google Review

Great experience from the moment I walked in. Receptionist and nursing staff are pleasant, Dr. Cleeman took the time to explain his findings and the type of surgical procedure I will have done on my shoulder. I definitely recommend visiting the Manhattan Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center
Josie N.

Verified Google Review

I really liked Dr. Cleeman. He took his time to ask me questions and give me a comprehensive exam. I’ve been having major knee trouble that nobody seems to have been able to figure out, including two other orthopedic surgeons. Dr. Cleeman seemed to understand my issues and gave me a course of action that made sense to me. I recommend!

Stephanie G.

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